A Taste of Gastrominoen, Gribskov
1 day




“A Taste of Gastrominoen, Gribskov” starts at our office in Copenhagen at 9. Here you will be given bicycles, maps and we together will review your route.

You will take the Bike with you on the train to Hillerød. The trainride takes approximately 30 minutes.

Bike via the nice, green surroundings to Annisse, where the Garbolund Winery is located. Garbolund Winery produces natural wine and you will be given a tour of the vineyard followed by wine tasting and lunch in small charming cobblestoned courtyard.

From the winetasting you continue onwards to your beer tasting. The next visit of the day is at the microbrewery Det våde får in Græsted. Marianne and Henrik, the two passionate enthusiastic owners of Det Våde Får, will teach about brewing beer and you will taste their tasty beers.

Last but certainly not least, you will visit Torben at Thornæs Distillery in Kagerup. Torben will give you an insight into the work processes at the distillery and you will taste the fine golden whiskey and delicious gin.

Located next to Thornæs Distillery is Kagerup Most, which makes delicious and tasty must and lemonade made from fruits from the local area and you will test and taste some of their great lemonade.

The day ends at 6 pm, when you will be back in Copenhagen after the trainride from Hillerød.

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