The bikes

How much can I bring on the bike?
All of Gastrominoens bikes have a front bag, so you can bring rainwear, some snacks, an extra sweater or similar. There will also be space for swimwear and a towel if you feel like taking a dip along the way. There is also a bottle holder on the bike.

Do I need to be in good shape to be able to participate on the tours?
No, that is not necessary. You just have be used to cycling. Cycling on Gastrominoen tours is not hard, long or strenuous. And if you prefer, you can bike on  an electric bike. The distances between the different stops are max. 10-12 km and a daily stage is a maximum of 50 km.

Are bicycle helmet included?
It is possible to borrow bicycle helmets from us at our office. If you have a bicycle helmet yourself, it is also possible to bring that.

The route
How long distances do you cycle?
The trips of Gastrominoen have different lengths. The longest trip “Enjoy and take in the whole Gastrominoen” lasts four days and the total lenght of the trip is about 150 km. You will a maximum of 50 km a day, and there is 10-12 km between the various stops and tastings spots on the Route. 

How much do you cycle per day?
The distances on the Gastrominoens tours vary from trip to trip. A day tour is maximum 50 km, and there is 10-12 km between the different stops on the tour.

What are the conditions and surroundings you cycle in?
You will mainly cycle on gravel and country roads on the Gastrominoens routes. There may be a few short stretches on Single Track and Main Roads, but generally, the routes are in as natural, green and beautiful enviroments as possible.

Can you buy the trip without accommodation?
We have several different tours on the Gastrominoen. If you want to experience the beautiful nature and the lovely places we visit along the way without staying overnight, we recommend the 1-day tours without accommodation.

Are children allowed on the tours? Although most children would be able to cycle the tours, we do not recommend the tours for children. The main reason that we don´t recommend the tours to children is because of the places we visit along the way include tastings of delicious wines / schnapps / whiskey / gin etc. However, we might consider tours with a more child-friendly focus at some point.

Can I book the tours with a guide? Yes, you most certainly can. All of Gastrominoens tours are planned both with and without a guide and can be booked on our website. On the guided tours, there will be a guide on the entire tour. In addition to guiding and assisting you throughout the day, the guide will also be of great assistence when the dinner is ready to  be made, so on our guided tours you will be very well serviced.

Is it possible to make a private trip company trip?
Off course it is  possible to book a private tour. You just must be a minimum of four people in order for us to make you a private trip. You can book the private tours on the website. If you have questions about these tours, please contact us at

The accommodations 

What are the accommodations like?
There are three accommodations on our 4-day trip and two accommodations on our 2½-day trip.
The three different accommodations are
Glamping tents, where there are beds with pillow and duvet, MKP caravans or the converted bus, where there are also beds with duvet and pillow and at Danhostel in Elsinore, where you spend the night in rooms (with beds, duvet and pillow) based on the number of people you have booked the trip for.

Is there a shower and toilet?
There is no toilet and shower in the Glamping tents, but there is a shared toilet and a primitive outdoor shower in the area by Halbjerg by Solbjerg Lake. At Byaasgaard Camping, there is no toilet in the caravans, but there is a toilet and shower at the campsite. At Danhostel in Elsinore, there are showers and toilets in the hallway.

Can I buy something at the places we spend the night? There are no shopping opportunities at Haldbjerg by Solbjerg Engsø. However, it is possible to buy wine, beer and water from the staff. We therefore advise you to, to have purchased what you need in the Evening before the tours starts or to bring it from home. At Byaasgaard Camping there is a small shop with local products, drinks and other necessities. If you visit Thornæs Distillery, you can buy Gin and tonic of what you would like to consume in the evening. In Elsinore you live close to the city and there is loads of shopping opportunities in the immediate vicinity of the hostel or bus.

What facilities are there at the accommodations?There are beds with duvet and pillow, as well as freshlywashed linen on the beds at all accommodations. There will be Small kits with salt/pepper, oil and the most necessary things, as well as glassware, crockery and cutlery, dishwashing liquid and a dish brush. There is also electricity at all the accommodation places for charging mobile phones and bicycle batteries.

Do I have to bring a duvet/sleeping bag?
It is not necessary to bring a duvet or sleeping bag, nor linen. There are duvet and pillows, as well as freshly washed linen on the beds at all of the accommodations that we use at Gastrominoen.

How is the luggage transported between the accommodations?
We transport your luggage, so it is there for you when you arrive. When you leave the accommodation, we also make sure that it is driven to the next accommodation or return to our office. Please note that when you leave the accommodation, it is not possible to get to the luggage during the day. So make sure you have what you need with you during the day.

Is there power and WiFi at the accommodations?There is no WiFi at Haldbjerg by Solbjerg Lake, while there is WiFi at Byaasgaard and at Danhostel in Elsinore. There is electricity at all three accommodations, so mobiles, possibly. bicycle batteries and the like can be charged.

Are there towels?
There are no towels at our accommodations, so please bring your own.

Is there toilet paper?
There are toilets and toilet paper at all the accommodations, just as it will always be possible to use the toilet at the places you visit along the way, so there is no need to bring toilet paper.

The tastings 

Will I get drunk on the tastings?
You will not be intoxicated by the tastings planned along the routes of the Gastromino. These are the tastings and the tastings you get are in smaller quantities, so you won´t get drunk of these.

Can I cycle even if I have been to beer/gin/schnapps tasting?
Yes, you can. The tastings that we have planned on the trips will allow you to taste the different products, but are not served in a quantity so that you get drunk.

The food

I am an vegetarian/vegan. Can this be taken into account?
Yes, sure. Not to worry. Before the trip, we send detailed information to our guests. Here we ask you to indicate if there are special conditions along the way that we must be aware of, including wishes for vegetarian / vegan food for the meals. We try as much as possible to comply with allergens. Should you have any questions before the start of the tour, you are of course always welcome to call or write us.

Are drinks included in the price of the trip?
Drinks are included at the tastings. At lunch a glass of wine/beer/soda is included per person, Drinks besides this are not included. Drinks for the evening meals are not included.

Do I have to bring salt and pepper to the Meal Baskets myself?
There are small kits with salt/ pepper, oil and the most necessary things when you need, just as there are glasses, cutlery, as well as dishwashing liquid and a dish brush.

Do I have to wash up after meals myself?
You will have to do the dishes yourself after the meals, which you have prepared yourself at Haldbjerg by Solbjerg Lake and at Byaasgaard Camping. There is dish soap and dish brush in both places. You will not have to go to the kitchen and wash up after the delicious lunches at the restaurants we visit along the way 😊

What do the meal baskets contain?
The meal baskets contain meat and vegetables from local producers, which is prepared to go on the grill.

Practical information

Will the tours be canceled if it rains?
Gastrominoens tours will not be canceled in case of rain or bad weather. We recommend that you keep a close eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to your departure, and that you plan your attire and pack accordingly.

What should I bring?
It is not always easy to know exactly what and how much to bring as much also depends on the weather. We have made a packing list, which hopefully can be of help and inspiration. See it here

Do you have a packing list?
We have made a packing list with some of the things that we think are good to bring. This list is not inexhaustible and is just considered as inspiration. See it here

Can I charge my mobile?
It is not possible to charge your mobile along the route, so we recommend that you bring a Powerbank. At the accommodations it is possible to charge phones as there is electricity in all three places.

Can I get in touch with you along the way?
Off course it is possible to get in touch with us along the way. Should something acute occur late in the evening night, we recommend that you contact the accommodation.