Enjoy the Entire Gastrominoen
4 days (3 nights)

Enjoy the entire Gastrominoen is the complete tour, where you taste, sense and eat your way through this unique area. You will get to meet the local producers and have lots of taste experiences, while you explore the National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland and its beautiful coastline and the unique nature.

A solid Bite of Gastrominoen West
2,5 days (2 nights)

“A solid bite of Gastrominoen, West” is the obvious choice is you would like to taste a variety of delicacies from goat cheese to gin, wine, beer, schnapps and of course local vegetables and meat. The 2½ day tour takes you through the raw and beautiful landscape in the unique area around Tisvildehegn and the peninsula Halsnæs, while you experience the beautiful coastline.

A Solid bite of Gastrominoen, East
2,5 days (2 nights)

“A solid bite of Gastrominoen, East” is a 2½ day tour, where you will taste, sense and eat your way through this unique area, while you experience the beautiful coastline and the magnificent nature in the National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland.

A taste of Gastrominoen
Halsnæs 1 Day


This 1-day trip of about 40 km is an eventful day bursting with wonderful taste experiences, exciting farm visits, a sublime lunch and delicious schnapps, while you cycle around the Halsnæs area. This is the perfect choice if you are in a holiday home in North Zealand and want to get to know the area better.

A taste of Gastrominoen
Gribskov 1 Day

This 1-day trip, a Taste of the Gastrominoen, Gribskov is a wonderful day full of taste experiences, beautiful nature and fresh air. You will taste wine, beer, whiskey and gin, as well as must and lemonade, while you bike around the beautiful North Zealand. It is the perfect day trip, that starts and ends in Copenhagen.

A taste of Gastrominoen
Helsingør 1 Day

The 1-day trip, Taste of the Gastrominoen, Elsinore is a wonderful day full along North Zealand’s famous coast and the beautiful and exclusive Strandvej. You will enjoy delicious coffee, wine, cheese and a wonderful green lunch at Årstiderne in Humlebæk. And you pass non less than four castles during the day, while you cycle along and through forests, fields and green meadows.