A Taste of Gastrominoen
1 Day

A Taste of Gastrominoen, Halsnæs” starts in Asserbo at 9, where you will be given bicycles, maps and we together will review your route and experiences of the day.

The first part of trip takes you through Tisvilde Hegn. Tisvilde Hegn is Zealand’s largest heath and Denmark’s fifth largest forest and is nothing but perfect for a bike ride. The landscape is varied and with hilly heath landscapes, dense forest and sand dunes by the coast.

Your first stop is at the charming, traditional Seaside Resort, Liselængen, where can you enjoy a cup of coffee before heading towards Dyssekilde Ecological Village. Dyssekilde Ecological Village is Denmark’s oldest ecological village and the basic idea of ​​the community is to create an environment based on tolerance, respect and to live sustainably and ecologically. More than 200 people live here in the 90 distinctive homes.

The cozy farm, Tothaven, is known for its incredibly delicious goat cheese and their fabulous ice cream, also made from goat’s milk – don´t miss out of trying these treats!

You will enjoy your lunch at Knud Spisehus in Hundested. At Knud Spisehus, they serve food which they describe as “bistro classics in our own way; strongly inspired by all the water that surrounds Hundested”.

In Hundested you will also visit Schumacher Brandy. Here you taste different delicious schnapps, and with flavors like Asparagus, Elderflower, Rosemary/Apple, Spruce and Chili/Lemon there is have something to look forward to.

From Hundested, continue around Halsnæs Pynt, pass Lynæs Harbor onwards to Grønnessegaard Gods Gårdbutik, a lovely farm shop. From Grønnessegaard Gods Gårdbutik cycle to Ågabet.

Ågabet is the name of the small canal and the old fishing village, by Denmark’s largest lake, Arresø, that have now been transformed into a Visitor Center. The Visitor Center tells the story of the freshwater fishing in Arresø, and of the large exports of pikeperch. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee before returning to Asserbo.

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